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Data Breach

What You Need to Know About Canada’s New Data Breach Law

After years and several failed attempts, the Canadian government has successfully passed a federal data breach notification requirement.

What the Schnucks Judgment Means for Insurers

A federal judge recently capped the grocery store chain’s liability for a $2.1 million class action breach lawsuit at $500,000. Here’s what the judgment means for insurers.

6 Reasons Why Changes to Rhode Island's Breach Laws Won't Work

Proposed changes to Rhode Island's Breach Notification Act will leave consumers out in the cold.

Four Do's and Don'ts After a Breach

Bolster your response plan with these four tips to handling an exposure swiftly, confidently and lawfully.

Hacker Exposes Bush Private Photos

Bush family falls victim to data breach, exposing emails and photos.

Data Breaches More Problematic in 2012

Study: Exposed records could have been avoided

Hacker Sentenced in Massive Subway Breach

Fraud scheme said to have cost millions

Expert Calls for Java Security Overhaul

Says current setup could leave consumers vulnerable

SEC Data Breach Prompts Major Hire

NYSE brings in former Homeland Security Secretary

After South Carolina Breach, States Prepare

Many learned lesson from massive hacking attack
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