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Data Breach Costs: $34 Million for Home Depot, Unknown for Staples

Category: Internet Security As the news of cyberattacks against retailers grows, companies are still calculating the financial impact of their respective data breaches.

Identity Thieves Steal Patient Information for Tax Fraud Scheme

Category: Data Breach A couple of identity thieves were caught in a half-million-dollar tax fraud scheme that preyed on Detroit-area hospital patients, The Detroit News reported.

Lawmakers Request Financial Institutions Disclose Data Breach Details

Category: Internet Security Two top Democrats are asking 16 banks and financial services to disclose details about data breaches that have impacted consumers in the past year, Reuters reported.

Payment Card Industry Trying to Catch Up with Cybercriminals, Data Breaches

Category: Data Breach Leaders of the organization responsible for payment card security are working to improve defenses for sensitive data as data breaches have increased, IDG News Service reported.

Survey: Ohioans Lack Protection Against Identity Theft

Category: Identity Theft A study found Ohio residents may not be protecting themselves from identity theft by taking basic precautions such as password protection for personal devices, according to a survey by AARP.

Identity Theft, Bank Fraud Cases Increasing

Category: Internet Security Identity theft and bank fraud cases have increasingly appeared across the country, costing banks hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Survey: US Executives Concerned About Damage from Data Breaches

Category: Internet Security A survey of executives at U.S. companies found the majority prioritize data security but only one-third said their systems were absolutely protected from cyberthreats, according to a report by IT security firm NTT Com Security.

USPS Confirms Breach, 800,000 Records Potentially Impacted

Category: Internet Security The U.S. Postal Service confirmed reports that it experienced a major data breach of employee and customer personal information, Reuters reported.

Mobile Data Security Concerns Arise as Online Holiday Shopping Surges

Category: Mobile Security IBM forecasts holiday shopping using mobile devices will reach record highs this year, according to the IBM Quarterly Retail Forecast.

USPS Looks into Data Breach of Employee, Customer Information

Category: Internet Security The U.S. Postal Service announced a potential data breach that could impact over half a million USPS workers and some customers, The Wall Street Journal reported.
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