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Five days a week, we deliver exclusive news alerts reporting on the latest legislation, criminal activities, identity scams, database breaches and more. In addition to quoting reliable expert and media sources, Identity Theft 911 analyzes the deeper issues and examines how the latest developments affect you.

Two Data Breaches Reveal Protected Health Information

Category: Data Breach Two recent data breaches at health care providers revealed significant security issues.

Wendy's Restaurant in Michigan Reports Data Breach

Category: Data Breach A Wendy's restaurant in Michigan, may have been the source of a data breach of customer credit and debit card information, CBS affiliate WWTV in Cadillac, Michigan, reported.

Former IT Workers May Still Have Access to Employers' Systems

Category: Internet Security A recent survey revealed many former IT workers may still have access to their previous employers' computer systems.

Sony to Pay $15 Million Settlement for 2011 Data Breach

Category: Data Breach Sony confirmed it will pay $15 million to settle a lawsuit after a data breach may have exposed the information of 77 million customer accounts in 2011, gaming news and review site Polygon reported.

Goodwill Investigates Potential Payment Card Data Breach

Category: Data Breach Goodwill Industries International is working with investigators on a potential data breach of customer credit card information, according to a statement by the company.

Survey: Senior Citizens Not Doing Enough to Monitor Credit

Category: Credit Protection A recent survey found the majority of U.S. senior citizens are concerned about identity theft, but are not following recommended guidelines to protect their credit.

Foster Children Especially Vulnerable to Identity Theft

Category: Medical Identity Theft Cybercriminals are increasingly going after the identities of a vulnerable group of children: those in foster care, NBC News reported.

LinkedIn Users Targeted in New Phishing Scam

Category: Internet Security National fraud-fighting organization Action Fraud in the United Kingdom warned social media users of a new phishing scam targeting LinkedIn accounts, according to a post on the Action Fraud site.

Hundreds of California Government Employees Have Information Exposed

Category: Data Breach Current and former employees of the city of Encinitas in California accidentally had their personal information publicly available on the Internet for almost two months, according to a data breach notification letter sent by city officials.

New York, Illinois Report High Rates of Data Breach, Identity Theft

Category: Internet Security Two new state-specific data breach reports highlighted the connection between the growing number of identity theft victims and a high number of data breaches.
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