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Five days a week, we deliver exclusive news alerts reporting on the latest legislation, criminal activities, identity scams, database breaches and more. In addition to quoting reliable expert and media sources, IDT911 analyzes the deeper issues and examines how the latest developments affect you.

Metropolitan State University in Minnesota Reports Cyberattack

Category: Data Breach Metropolitan State University in Minnesota revealed a data breach that could have exposed the personal information of an undetermined number of people, SC Magazine reported.

Bank Tellers, Identity Thieves Worked Together to Steal $850,000

Category: Data Breach New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced two men were convicted of an identity theft scheme that stole more than $850,000 from local bank customers in almost four years, American Banker reported.

Email Mishap Causes Patient Data Breach in Massachusetts

Category: Data Breach The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is facing criticism after potentially exposing the information of thousands of patients, Health IT Security reported.

Texas Banks Confirm Retail Data Breach, Reissue Thousands of Cards

Category: Data Breach Local banks in Graham, Texas, were forced to send thousands of new debit cards to customers in the area after a data breach at a nearby retailer, The Graham Leader reported.

Cyberattackers Steal Customer Data from Pet Supply Site

Category: Data Breach A pet supply retailer alerted customers to a data breach that could have exposed their personal and financial information, SC Magazine reported.

State Attorneys General Urge Greater Consumer Protections for Identity Theft, Data Breaches

Category: Data Breach After 2014 saw numerous data breaches significantly affect customers and businesses, several top state legal officials now put more emphasis on combating the effects of identity theft and cyberintrusions.

American, United Airlines Customers Have Travel Miles Stolen in Breach

Category: Data Breach While there are plenty of travel "hacks" that consumers can follow to save money, cybercriminals took it one step further and stole customers' reward miles from their accounts, The Associated Press reported.

ISIS-Backing Hackers Breach Military Social Media Accounts

Category: Data Breach As President Barack Obama tried to win support for stronger privacy protection and cybersecurity laws in a speech on Jan. 12, hackers targeted social media accounts owned by the U.S. military, Wired Magazine reported.

Obama Proposes Stronger Cybersecurity and Privacy Laws

Category: Data Breach President Barack Obama proposed new legislation for corporate data breach notifications and student data privacy protection, according to

Financial Services Firm Face Rising Problem of Scammers

Category: Identity Theft While regular consumers are often the target of scammers, financial services firms and banks are also at risk of becoming victims as schemers may pose as clients, The Wall Street Journal reported.
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