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Tax Preparer Guilty Of Identity Theft

Identity theft is common during tax season.

Friday, February 15, 2013
Tax return fraud is a threat for many.

During tax season, people need to be vigilant about identity theft. According to Accounting Today, a California tax preparer recently pleaded guilty to using stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns. 

Imelda Sanchez, who used information of relatives and former clients, pleaded guilty to one count of making false claims against the government and one count of making false statements on a loan application. 

In 2005, she filed a tax return under a false name for a $3,695 refund. She used a Form W-2 to claim $12,831 in wages and fraudulent tax credits, and claimed two dependent children. 

Steven  Miller told the Huffington Post that the Internal Revenue Service is stepping up its efforts to thwart this type of identity theft. The agency completed a sweep in January of 32 states and Puerto Rico, which helped them identify 389 suspects, 109 of which were arrested. 

The IRS said that ID theft investigations tripled last year and focused on a number of high-risk cities, including Miami, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

To get more information of how this issue affects consumers, check out Adam Levin's blog. 

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