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Twitter Victim Of Data Breach

Quarter of a million Twitter accounts breached.

Monday, February 04, 2013
Twitter fell victim to a data breach.

One of the world's most popular social media websites - Twitter - fell victim to a data breach last week. Around 250,000 accounts may have been accessed by the attackers. 

Information compromised includes user names, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords. 

"This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident," said Bob Lord, director of information security at Twitter. "The attackers were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked."

In response to the attack ,Twitter reset passwords and revoked tokens on affected accounts. People whose accounts were compromised will soon receive an email from the social media giant informing them they won't be able to access them without creating a new password. 

Twitter also recommends that people use this time to create a strong password. As a guideline, they said users should consider using at least 10 characters, both upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. 

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