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California Agency Hit By Second Breach

California Agency Hit By Second Breach

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
California Agency Hit By Second BreachOnly six months after it was hit with a data breach that exposed the information for thousands of state employees, a California government agency suffered a second such incident that was larger in size.

The California Department of Public Health's second data breach in half a year affected about 9,000 current and former state employees, according to a report from the data protection news site InfoSecurity. The incident was caused by someone copying information to a private hard drive and removing it from agency offices.

"We regret that the personal information of our employees was compromised," said CDPH Director Dr. Ron Chapman. "We take the breach of any secure documents very seriously and are committed to taking steps to minimize any impact of this action and further strengthen our security policy."

The previous breach, which was announced in December 2010, exposed information for as many as 2,550 state residents, employees and healthcare workers when a magnetic tape was lost in the mail, the report said.

The CDPH is offering credit monitoring to affected employees and has increased safeguards against this type of incident, the report said.

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