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Maine Government Warns of Employment Scam

Fraudsters trying to trick businesses through phishing

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Maine Government Warns of Employment ScamA number of employers across the country recently began receiving emails that seemed to be from their states' government, but are in fact related to a widespread phishing scam.

The emails claim to come from a state entity such as its "Division of Unemployment Assistance," and asks an employer to provide data on former employees, then provides a link, according to a report from the Maine Department of Labor. However, if the recipient clicks the link, they are taken to an attack site based in South Africa.

"Don't respond or click on the link in any email from," Maine Labor Commissioner Jeanne Paquette said. "Do not provide sensitive employee data to anyone by email unless you know that you have an open and active claim with the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation of the Maine Department of Labor. All our departmental email addresses end with ''"

Ondrej Krehel, the chief information security officer for IDentity Theft 911, has a blog about how phishing emails may look legitimate but lead to the potential for fraud, and how potential victims can spot the difference.

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