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Global Payments Breach Causes Safety Concerns

Experts say more needs to be done

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Global Payments Breach Causes Safety ConcernsThe recent data breach suffered by the credit and debit card payment processor Global Payments exposed the financial data for 1.5 million accounts, but experts say the concerns should reach far beyond that.

The incident raises questions not only about how extremely sensitive financial data is protected from hackers and other breaches, but also about how companies notify business partners and consumers alike to the incident, according to a report from the Daily Beast. Further, it should give consumers and lawmakers pause with regard to just how forthcoming the companies that are hit with these breaches are when revealing the extent of the incidents.

"The number of transactions or card numbers potentially exposed is probably far larger than the 1.5 million number they are citing," security blogger Brian Krebs, who discovered the breach, told the site.

Ondrej Krehel, chief information security officer for Identity Theft 911, has a blog about the dangers consumers face when their personal, financial or medical information is exposed in a data breach, and what they can do to reduce those concerns.

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