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IDT911 Customer Melissa Richardson

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

Identity thieves beat an insurance professional to her tax refund. Months of frustrating interactions with the IRS follow—until she calls IDT911 for help.

IDT911 Customer Katie Smith

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

Katie Smith didn't know what to do when thieves ran up $18,000 in fraudulent charges in her name. IDT911 helped restore her credit and good name.

IDT911 Customer Kay Fredericks

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

A Florida woman learns that someone used her Social Security number to file a false tax return. Learn how IDT911 helped her get her refund ASAP.

IDT911 Customer Kathryn Birmingham

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

Fraudsters had used her address and Social Security number to setup residency and cash in on tax returns. After years of trying to manage the situation on her own, Kathryn turned to IDT911 for help.

IDT911 Customer Kimberly Reed

Category: Child Identity Theft Expert:

Kimberly Reed panicked when a state health worker told her that her son wouldn’t be eligible to renew his free health care because he made too much money.

IDT911 Customer Richard Barnhill

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

While away for the winter, a retiree's home is burglarized and his late wife's identity is stolen.

IDT911 Customer Don Brown

Category: Identity Theft Expert:

Don Brown's troubles began with a declined credit card at a Lowes home improvement store in May of 2010. A 57-year-old Ohio contractor, Brown had paid the bill five days earlier and knew he wasn't carrying a balance. His purchases should have been approved.

Don’t Turn That Dial

Category: Identity Theft Expert: Other

Identity theft aid arrives over the airwaves. One woman struggled for more than a year to clear her credit and her good name—until she found help on the radio. How she successfully recovered from identity theft.
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If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the IDT911 Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.