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IDT911 Chairman Adam Levin founded the company in 2003 as IDentity Theft 911. A former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Adam has always been a strong supporter of consumer advocacy and education. His thought leadership and vision has driven IDT911 to become one of the largest providers of preventative education and resolution services globally for identity theft and data privacy breaches.

Adam Levin

"Over the past decade, the creativity, tenacity, sophistication and bravado of identity thieves and hackers have continuously evolved. And identity theft and data breach threats have increased geometrically. Identity Theft 911 has responded to the challenge of this complex and constantly changing environment with new and enhanced services to help consumers and businesses better minimize their risk of exposure, detect victimization as quickly as possible and effectively mitigate the damage. We've set the standard for excellence in our industry and blazed new trails in the fields of identity management and breach services."

Adam Levin

Matt Cullina

“Our unprecedented growth has been achieved neither through acquisition nor marketing gimmickry but rather through innovative development of our programs, straight talk, in-depth reporting, unparalleled customer service, and the ability to quickly respond to the needs of our business partners and their customers, members, and employees.”

Matt Cullina
Chief Executive Officer


IDT911 Timeline

From its roots in identity theft resolution services, IDT911 has grown into a multifaceted organization that provides unique services in the following areas:

  • Identity Management
  • Breach Education, Preparation, Response and Remediation
  • Fraud, Credit and Reputation Monitoring
  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Consulting

Today, IDT911 remains at the forefront of the industry, employing new technologies and practices to ensure clients and their customers have the latest tools to protect the privacy and security of their most valuable assets.

Here are a few milestones we’ve hit along the way:

Identity Theft 911 is Founded

IDentity Theft 911 is Founded

Credit Union industry

IDentity Theft 911 is the first to provide retainer-based identity theft education and resolution Services to the Credit Union industry.

2005 Insurance

IDentity Theft 911 is the first to offer retainer-based identity theft resolution services to many large insurance carriers.

2006 Education

IDentity Theft 911 is the first to launch continuing education course in identity management for insurance professionals and agents


IDentity Theft 911 launches comprehensive LifeStages Identity Management Services


IDentity Theft 911 launchesenhanced business data risk management services


IDentity Theft 911 rolls out dedicated platform for early warning fraud monitoring tool.

2011 eLearning

IDentity Theft 911 launches unveiling of new eLearning Platform for insurance companies, agents, and policyholders

2012 Canada Expansion

IDentity Theft 911 expansion into Canada begins with new office in downtown Montreal.

2013 10th Anniversary

IDentity Theft 911 celebrates its 10th anniversary, first annual Privacy XChange Forum; launch of data risk consulting arm IDT911 Consulting 


IDentity Theft 911 rebrands as IDT911; expands into the United Kingdom and European Union with offices in Galway, Ireland; and launches thought leadership blog, ThirdCertainty.

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